Ileana Marin is born in Constantza – Romania in 1963. She read the Romanian – English at the Faculty of Letters – University of Bucharest between 1986 and 1991. Since her graduation, she has been teaching comparative literature at Ovidius University Constanta, first as a teaching assistant, then as a lecturer. The challenging doctoral thesis - Narrative Dimensions in the Works of the Pre-Raphaelites - which she defended in 2000, is a comparative study concerned with the Raphaelites’ work of the Italian Renaissance and its nineteenth century influence on the English Pre-Raphaelite movement. She later extended her research to the American response and contribution to the Pre-Raphaelite movement. She has also published numerous articles and has written three books that are forthcoming at prestigious publishing houses. She has been deeply involved in the life of the Faculty of Letters both as Chancellor, for over five years, and as Associate-Dean, a position that she has been holding for over two years now.